AMIPLEXUS is the tool of choice if you want to:

    Be more successful in Horizon 2020
    Find the best partners for innovation
    Follow the latest technology trends
    Benchmark your performance


  • Description

    AMIPLEXUS is a cooperation visualization and search tool for projects funded within the European Union’s research and innovation framework programmes including H2020, FP7, Eurostars, and Eureka.

    AMIPLEXUS uses data visualization for gaining a competitive edge in the development of innovation collaborative projects and provides a fundamental overview of any type of technology or application field.

    The overview encompasses key movers and their networks, their locations and funding potentials in EU Research, development and innovation programmes.

    AMIPLEXUS enables better innovation-focused decisions for everybody who needs to get insights into the complex picture of already funded EU projects, their pipeline technologies and key movers.

  • Functionality

    Semantic and textual abstract search of all projects funded within H2020, FP7, Eurostars, and Eureka programmes
    Visualization of cooperation networks and key partners and identification of strong cooperation links
    Search by keywords, organizational names, project acronyms and topics
    Quick visualisation of project text details with downloadable word clouds
    Search relevance confirmation through highlighting of search terms/ keywords
    Technology monitoring and competitor analysis through comparative performance
    Analysis of funding data through interactive and downloadable graphs
    Geolocation of relevant organizations through interactive and downloadable maps
    Data filtering through interactive and downloadable data tables
    Downloadable interactive reports
    Technology-Application-Company matrix
    Analytics based on the NUTS-2 regions and Countries

  • Users

    Technology scouts
    R&D group leaders
    Advisors, consultants, coaches
    Innovation project managers
    Programme project coordinators
    Funding agencies

Our clients

For access to the cloud based AMIPLEXUS application, the users can choose between two types of annual access schemes. Each user needs to be identified by a functional email address. Please contact us for any individual plan.

Subscription modelSilverGold
Target organizationSMEsLarge Industries
Research organizations
Monthly limit20 Hrs50 Hrs
Number of access emails15
Annual access price299 €999 €
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